What Makes Someone Naturally Beautiful?

What makes someone naturally beautiful?

If you want to know what makes someone naturally beautiful and more attractive, here’s a great list I’ve put together from some fascinating research. Here are 12 traits that make a person naturally beautiful:

  1. Big eyes
  2. Clear skin without blemishes
  3. Beautiful without makeup
  4. An attractive voice
  5. Facial symmetry
  6. Whites of eyes are white and clear
  7. Being healthy
  8. Good body odor
  9. Being a younger woman
  10. Not having excess facial fat
  11. Fall within specific facial proportions
  12. Good hygiene and cleanliness

It’s important to state what should be obvious: a person doesn’t have to be attractive on the outside to be naturally beautiful. Many people think that inner natural beauty is more important. The outside is just icing on the cake. That said, here’s more on outer natural beauty traits:

Big Eyes are More Attractive

big eyes more attractive

The eyes are the windows to the soul. But are big eyes more beautiful?

The part of the face that connects and locks with another person is the eyes. It’s the most important feature that lets you know a person is listening, focused, and bonding with you on one level or another.

  • A study provided some supporting data that a face is perceived to be more attractive when the eyes are larger. 5

Many makeup tricks can help your eyes look larger. If you’re into natural beauty products, here’s some great natural makeup I use and recommend (click for the natural makeup page on this website).

Clear Skin Makes You More Attractive

A naturally beautiful person usually has clear skin.

  • A study showed that people who had blemishes on their faces were perceived to be less attractive. 8

It’s important to address the problem of blemishes with a dermatologist. Sometimes there’s a correctable underlying problem that’s causing the blemishes.

Doctors of functional medicine are known for identifying the cause of a problem.

There are tons of great books out there that talk about the relationship between diet and skin condition. It’s worth doing some research if you’re interested.

Beautiful Without Makeup Naturally

A naturally beautiful person looks gorgeous without makeup. They don’t need to cake on slabs of foundation, eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, and mascara to appear attractive.

Many naturally beautiful women think they need to spend 30 minutes doing their makeup before walking out the door. What they don’t realize is that many men prefer women who wear less makeup and have a natural appearance.

  • A study revealed that women may have wrong perceptions about how much makeup other people prefer. The amount of makeup a man truly prefers was particularly overestimated in the study. 12

Less makeup might be more.

It saves so much time, energy, sleep, and money to just wash-and-go in the morning. Cutting back the hair and makeup routine can be rewarding in more ways than you might realize. Working smarter, not harder, at natural beauty can give fresher, cleaner, and faster results with a vitalizing impact.

I’ll never forget when a guy in school sat with me outside in the sun. He looked at my face and said, “Why are you wearing so much makeup? The point of makeup is to look natural.”

I was mortified.

I was plastering on walls of foundation to cover up my teenage acne. But it didn’t fool anyone. Later on, I went to a dermatologist and cleared my skin up with prescription medication. The medicine gave me depression, anxiety, and body dryness that lingered for years. Since then, I’ve been using only natural methods to treat my skin and have cleaned up my diet.

Now my skin is clear and depression is gone. I wish I knew about the natural approach long ago. I’ve rewired my brain with meditation, yoga, organic fruits & vegetables, a gluten-free diet, enough sleep, probiotics, flaxseed oil, liver herbs, neem, and a lot of self-care. I also stopped drinking soda and eating white sugar. Those things were making me fat, puffy, and bloated.

An Attractive Voice

Can you tell what someone looks like by their voice?

Most people don’t think that someone with a loud foghorn voice is attractive. It can even be off-putting.

Super high and squeaky voices aren’t exactly alluring either. Unless the person enjoys mice and such.

Women that sound like men aren’t exactly, well, feminine. Most men want a feminine woman. A woman with a deep manly voice is not naturally beautiful. We’re talking hefty man husky, the kind that sounds like a tree is ready to get chopped down. A woman should not sound like a lawnmower when she talks (if she’s trying to go for natural beauty).

  • A study showed that women with attractive faces also happened to have attractive voices. 10 This study showed that voice matched appearance.

Would you rather have someone whisper sweetly in your ear or yell harshly? This is a gross example of why an attractive voice usually goes along with someone that is naturally beautiful.

Natural beauty supports evolution, fertility, and reproduction. A man is more likely to be attracted to a woman that has a pleasant voice.

To get more specific, higher-frequency voices were considered to be more attractive. 10

Facial Symmetry Attractiveness

Generally speaking, a symmetrical face is considered to be more beautiful than an asymmetrical one. There’s just something a little funny about a pirate with an eye patch. Something about the asymmetry just isn’t desirable. Don’t get me wrong, some people are totally into eye patches and think they’re hot. Just saying.

  • A study revealed that a female face was considered to be more attractive when it was symmetrical. 4

Facial symmetry means that the shape of things on one side of the face is the same shape and size as the other side. For example, both eyes should be the same shape and size (not one eye squinting).

Whites of Eyes are White and Clear

Bright white eyes are a naturally beautiful thing. They scream health and vitality. The eyes are one of the first things you look at when you see a person. If their eyes are discolored, splotchy with veins, or yellow, they generally don’t appear as attractive.

People who have pure, sparkling, and clear whites in their eyes are naturally more beautiful.

  • A study showed that people who had less redness, yellow, and darkness in the whites of their eyes were perceived to be more attractive, younger, and healthier. 1

Sometimes a healthy liver can give a person clear white eyes. Sometimes an unhealthy liver can make the eyes turn yellow, red, or an unwanted color. Always consult your doctor and be proactive in your own research.

Being Healthy

Natural beauty and balanced diet

A healthy person is naturally beautiful. Perfect health radiates wellness, joy, and promotes social interaction. A person has a greater chance of being attracted to another person in social situations.

A healthy person is more likely to be fit for reproduction. This ensures the survival of our species. It’s nature’s way of setting us up for success.

When a person is sick or doesn’t feel well, they’re less likely to be in the mood for reproduction.

  • A study revealed that a healthy appearance plays a role in a person’s perception of attractiveness. 6

Being healthy also means that a person has normal levels of energy for work, activities, and social connections. With more energy, a person is more likely to have the stamina for reproductive acts.

For energy and nutrition, I take spirulina mixed with water in a blender every morning. It helps me depend less on coffee and caffeine. Spirulina gives me a natural boost of clean energy that lasts for hours, especially when I need it in the afternoon (it’s caffeine-free). The brand I buy is listed on my natural herbs product page here on this website.

Body Odor and Physical Attraction

This is mostly common sense. The majority of people don’t like to be around people that stink.

Bad smell just isn’t attractive.

  • A study revealed that there was a positive correlation between the attractiveness of a female face and the sexiness of their body odor. 9

The foods that a person eats can have a lot to do with how they smell. I knew a guy that only ate fast food all the time and never exercised. Let me just say he had a “smell”. And it wasn’t attractive. Salad was a foreign word in his vocabulary.

For those who prefer to stay clean in a natural way, there are a lot of really good natural soaps out there. Here’s a list of my favorite natural soap brands (click link for soap page on this website).

I only use natural bar soap. Since making the switch, my skin is no longer itchy, irritated, or dry. Here’s another article I wrote on this website that talks about natural soap and what it is.

Being a Younger Woman

Generally speaking, younger women tend to be more attractive than older women.

This makes sense because we know that younger women are biologically more capable of having healthier babies with fewer birth defects, as compared to older women.

Being naturally attracted to younger women is a normal aspect of humanity that ensures healthier children and the survival of strong and thriving generations to come. It’s built into our DNA.

Women are more likely to have complications with their pregnancies after the age of 35. This isn’t to say they can’t have healthy babies, because they certainly can under the close care and guidance of a doctor. They just need to be more careful.

  • A study revealed that a woman’s desirability progressively dropped from age 18 to age 60. As the years in age went up, the woman was rated as less and less desirable. 7

On the other hand, a man was considered more desirable, progressively increasing from age 18 to 50, peaking at 50 years of age, then declining after that. 7

Not Having Excessive Facial Fat

Generally speaking, a naturally beautiful face doesn’t have excessive fat. The amount of fat on the face should be proportionate to the amount on the body. A face with more fat usually means a body with more fat. Less fat overall is linked to natural beauty.

  • A study showed that human faces were perceived to be less attractive when there was a higher amount of facial fat. 2

A normal amount of facial fat is healthy, beautiful, and necessary to support skin softness and overall structure. No one wants to have a gaunt face with sucked-in cheeks that looks ghostly and artificial. That isn’t beautiful either.

The best way to get rid of excessive facial fat is to make sure that your overall body weight and body mass index are within healthy and normal limits for your height, age, and gender. To calculate your body mass index for free, click here for a calculator on the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services website.

If you’re a normal weight for your height, your face is going to naturally look better and will have the correct proportion of fat for your body type. This is ideal.

The problem with having too much fat on the face is generally because a person is overweight. If you can work with your doctor to get down to a normal healthy weight, your face is going to automatically look more naturally beautiful.

A great way to make the face look like it has less fat instantly is to get a good makeup sculpting kit. This includes a good bronzer, highlighter, and darker sculpting cream, stick, or powder. The places you apply darker makeup will make those areas appear smaller. Make sure to blend carefully to make it look more natural.

Fall within Specific Facial Proportions

Natural beauty usually means that a person’s eyes aren’t too close together or too far apart. It also means that their features are generally proportionate to the size of their face.

If a face is too long or too wide, it tends to reduce natural beauty. It’s partially about how the eyes, nose, and mouth sit on the face. Are they all bunched together? Are they spread too far apart?

Makeup can help create the illusion that the face appears more proportionate than it is. Sculpting and highlighting tools especially help create this effect.

  • A study reported that a person’s attractiveness can be improved if certain facial measurements fall within specific ratios and proportions. 3

Hygiene and Attractiveness

natural soap beauty

Being naturally beautiful goes hand in hand with good hygiene and overall cleanliness. Most people are attracted to a freshly showered person, as compared to a stinky unshowered person. Why is that?

Some say that cleanliness is next to godliness.

In general, things are more desirable when they are clean. This is an easy fix for anyone who wants to increase their attractiveness factor instantly. Wash up, clean your space, and put on fresh clothes. These things set you up for a successful date.

  • A study showed that if a person’s clothes smell like pine, they may be perceived as more attractive, successful, and intelligent when compared to lemon, onion, and smoke. 11

Do they make pine laundry detergent? They should advertise for this on dating websites.

I dislike the smell of synthetic drugstore soap. It smells tacky and unnatural. The smell of natural soap on my skin fills the bathroom long after I’m gone and makes me want to smell my skin for hours to come. I hope you wanted to know that.

Here’s a link to my favorite natural soap brands page on this website:

What are the qualities of a beautiful person?

The qualities of a beautiful person are equal on both the inside and outside. They aren’t attractive just on the inside, or only on the outside. A truly beautiful person will have the overall package of inner and outer beauty without conflicting characteristics.

Some people may act sweet and gentle on the inside, but then they abuse their bodies on the outside by not taking care of it through poor diet, no exercise, and negligence of hygiene. That’s not a complete package for natural beauty.

A naturally beautiful person will take care of themselves on the inside and the outside equally.

Taking care of the inside includes:

  • Good emotional health
  • Good mental health
  • Good spiritual health

Taking care of the outside includes:

  • Good physical health

The qualities of a beautiful person will include a balanced blend of both inner and outer traits:

Compassion. Tolerance. Understanding of others. Humanitarian.Healthy body. Cleanliness. Good hygiene. Eats a wholesome diet.
Able to listen to others and communicate with kindness. Honesty. Positive thoughts.A good sense of humor. Healthy opinions. Able to speak clearly and effectively.
A full capacity to receive and express love in a healthy way.Gorgeous hair, skin, makeup, and wardrobe. Sexy. A good cook.
Strength and courage in difficult times. Assertiveness when appropriate.A fit and athletic body. Confidence. Lots of energy to perform daily tasks.
Wise. Knowledgeable. Optimistic. Spiritual.Full lips, large forehead 13. Able to teach and guide others. Spends time in meditation and/or prayer.
Self-disciplined. Endurance. Able to work hard without complaining. Knows when to be silent. Embraces simplicity. Peaceful.A thin and lean body with a healthy body mass index. Sets healthy boundaries and enforces them. Able to control spending. Gets enough sleep (well-rested).
Good emotional health and control of emotions. Nurturing. Healthy menstrual cycle, flow, and reproductive capacity. Able to be a loving mother. Well-hydrated skin and body.

What makes a beautiful face?

Science has revealed some things that show us what makes a pretty face.

A study revealed that beautiful faces of Italian women had the following things in common 13:

  • Full lips
  • Larger forehead
  • Smaller jawline
  • Rounded face
  • More width in the upper face

But this doesn’t mean that people without these features aren’t beautiful. Quite the opposite. There are a million factors that create a beautiful face. And beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Not everyone thinks that the Mona Lisa is a beautiful piece of art.

Beauty is a matter of individual opinion, culture, and perception. This article is only trying to determine if there are common denominators for the general population in terms of what is considered universally beautiful. Studies are finding that there are some common factors of truth.

What are signs that you are attractive?

  • People constantly give you a lot of attention.
  • Heads turn when you walk into the room.
  • People frequently invite you to their events.
  • You keep getting asked out on dates.
  • People want to sit next to you.
  • You get a lot of phone calls and text messages.
  • Others genuinely smile at you a lot.
  • People often come to you for advice, comfort, or friendship.
  • A lot of people laugh when you say something funny.
  • You’re the person people want to go places with.
  • People are always telling you how good-looking you are.
  • Your body looks lean and well-defined when you stand in front of the mirror.
  • People are more accommodating to you than others. They’re friendlier and more eager to help you.
  • You can see in the person’s face that they’re interested. Eye contact may be direct or prolonged. Their demeanor is more receptive to you versus other people.


It’s quite amazing that we have scientific evidence showing us what makes a person naturally beautiful. Many people think it’s just a matter of opinion and perception, but science is leading us to realize that beauty may have a general objective standard of its own.

Just because someone is visually attractive, however, doesn’t mean that they’re naturally beautiful. Natural beauty is equally about what’s on the inside as it is what’s on the outside. As they say, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? Have you ever met a beautiful girl on the outside, but she was a total B on the inside? That ruins her chances of winning any natural beauty contest.

If you want to tell someone they’re naturally beautiful, just tell them they’re beautiful on BOTH the outside and inside. That’s probably the best way to express yourself that’s simple and honest.

Science shows us that there are definite and specific characteristics repeatedly found on beautiful faces. The evidence is getting clearer and clearer.

The physical characteristics of a beautiful woman include not being overweight, having big eyes, big lips, good body odor, clear skin without blemishes, a higher-toned pleasant voice, clear whites in eyes, being younger, and not having excess fat on the face (which usually is a result of being overweight).

We all know that the way someone looks on the outside is not what makes someone attractive in the big picture. Some of the most attractive people aren’t so stunning on the outside, but their personality, intelligence, success, and sense of humor more than make up for it. Attractiveness is made up of so many different factors.

Most people who embrace the concept of natural beauty prefer to use natural beauty products.

I only use natural beauty products such as these (click for natural beauty products page on this website). I’m not a fan of using drugstore products that are full of chemicals!

If you work with what you have, instead of against it, you’ll find that you look better, save time & money, and finally embrace the uniqueness that makes no one else in the world exactly like you. If we were all the same, wouldn’t that be a boring world of blonde-bots?

Bottom line: You are naturally beautiful as you are. The more we love and accept our strengths and weaknesses, the more peace and joy we find in our lives.

Carpe diem.


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