What Does the Natural World Include? Top 10 List & Meaning

What does the natural world include?

The natural world is one thing that never goes out of style. If you want to know exactly what the natural world is made up of and all the amazing things it includes, see the list below. Let’s discuss what is meant by the natural world.

What does the natural world include? Here are the top 10 things that make up the natural world:

  1. Light
  2. Water
  3. Fire
  4. Landforms
  5. Plant Life
  6. Air
  7. Minerals
  8. Living Beings
  9. Energy
  10. Unseen Forces

In science, this is the natural world definition (nature definition):


The natural world is the undisturbed state of planet Earth without human interference. It includes the raw building blocks of nature such as fire, water, land, air, minerals, plants, and all living beings.

Here are the top 10 natural world examples showing what the natural world is, according to science.


Natural World Light

One of the most important parts of the natural world is light. Without light, nothing can be seen. It’s easy to take for granted because it’s very subtle in nature and difficult to measure. It doesn’t have mass or charge. If light was eliminated, life on Earth as we know it would cease to exist.

The Sun is the main source of light and life in the natural world. Light is very unique because it’s both a particle and a wave. It travels as a wave, but it doesn’t require any particle to move it along. It moves itself along. Yet, light itself contains packets of energy called photons. Photons are subatomic particles and can’t be broken down into anything else.

The Sun is the power center that gives the natural world light. This light is necessary to provide energy and warmth to plants, animals, and people in order to sustain and promote life. Light is an important factor in plant growth. It’s also necessary to dry and evaporate wet areas.

The Sun is the main line of support for life in the natural world.


Natural World Water

What is the natural world? Well, the majority of it is water. More than 70 percent of the natural world is made up of water. The human brain and heart contain about the same proportion of water.

Water is an amazing conductor of electricity. The human body is a great example. Electricity is required to make your heart beat. The water in your blood promotes the flow of electric current through your body. It’s an excellent way to move energy and to fuel your heart’s beating motor.

Natural World Ocean

In the natural world, water is found everywhere:

  • Oceans
  • Lakes and Ponds
  • Rivers
  • Waterfalls
  • Glaciers
  • Snow
  • Groundwater


natural world fire

Fire is a significant part of the natural world. Throughout history, it’s been one of the most important elements for survival. Before the convenience of modern-day technology, fire was necessary to heat homes, boil water, cook food, to slash and burn crops, and to eliminate trash.

Fire is a natural means by which plant waste is burned to make rich fertilizer for the soil. The remaining ash is one of the best and most effective natural fertilizers for crops.


Natural World Mountains

The surface of the natural world is full of various landforms. Some of these include:

  • Mountains
  • Hills
  • Caves
  • Plateaus
  • Deltas
  • Canyons
  • Valleys

Without landforms, there could be no agriculture. It’s necessary to have land in order to grow food, to build homes, and to support the life of animals and humans.

Plant Life

Plant life is an extremely important part of the natural world. It supports life for all living beings. Most green plants take in the carbon dioxide that humans breathe out. Our waste is their food. Plants give off oxygen as their waste, which is necessary for humans to breathe in. Without oxygen, humans and animals would die in 3 minutes. Plants are crucial to our existence.

Plants are the basis of our food supply. Many land animals eat plants directly for their nourishment. People who eat plant-based diets are healthier and live longer than people who eat meat. Science shows that vegetarians live about 8 years longer than meat-eaters.

natural world tulips

All of our food comes from plants, either directly or indirectly. Our fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains all come directly from plants in the natural world.

People who choose to eat meat are consuming secondhand plants. The animals eat plants directly in order to create the muscle and fat on their bones. Some people eat the flesh, fat, and blood of animals as food, but this is becoming less and less popular as people get smarter about their health.

It’s better to get energy from plants directly, as compared to secondhand from animals that may carry disease.


Natural World Air

A large part of the natural world includes air. The air is the invisible medium that supports the atmosphere, weather, sound, wind, and all kinds of gases.

Air is an essential element that holds the gases necessary to breathe. Our air is mostly made up of the following invisible gases:

  • Nitrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Argon

Most people don’t know that they’re constantly breathing in argon. It makes up almost 1% of the air we breathe. It’s a gas that glows neon purple when exposed to an electric field. As meditation goes on, some Kriya Yoga practitioners see an electric purple mass in their third eye. The practice is dependent on deep controlled breathing. Does the appearance of the purple mass have anything to do with the luminous properties of argon?


natural world minerals

Minerals, metals, and crystals make up a good portion of the natural world. These substances are usually found in rock. Humans use these materials for technology, building blocks, and body supplementation.

Silica is a great example of an abundant natural compound that makes up a huge portion of the Earth’s crust. In the natural world, we call it quartz. Sand is primarily made up of quartz, which is a form of silica. Sand is found all over the natural world, especially along beaches.

Silicon is a metalloid that’s taken from common silica. The human body naturally contains silicon. Silicon is used to make computer chips, quantum dots, solar cells, and experimental nanoparticles in medical technology.

silicon natural world mineral

Silicon has an outstanding ability to store and process massive amounts of data with precision. This supercomputer ingredient made Silicon Valley famous.

One of the most abundant minerals in your skeleton is hydroxyapatite. This is the main mineral in your bones. When bones move or receive natural weight or motion, they produce electricity. This electricity is known as the piezoelectric effect. It’s what makes our bones heal faster.

Living Beings

natural world penguins

Living beings are the most animate part of the natural world. This component consists of animals, birds, fish, microorganisms, and natural state humans.

Human beings generally have higher levels of awareness and consciousness as compared to the quadruped and aquatic animal kingdoms. Humans usually have superior reasoning skills through the use of logic. They’re also the only known animal to create and follow written laws. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean humans are more intelligent. There are many different kinds of intelligence.

Human beings are the greatest threat to the natural world and to our environment.

Research shows that chimpanzees have photographic memories far superior to humans. But humans tend to demonstrate better skills when it comes to planning for the future. Cats and sea lions have components of memory that test much higher than humans. But humans tend to solve complex problems better. At least that’s what our egos like to think.


natural world energy

Energy is a powerful and necessary part of the natural world. Lightning is an impressive form of natural energy. The Sun is another form of energy that can be harnessed on every rooftop and cleanly turned into power for every home in the world. The wind generates natural energy that can also serve as a cleaner source of power.

There are many forms of energy on the planet that don’t create harmful waste. Water is one of the most powerful and efficient sources of pure natural energy. Cars have been designed that run on sunlight and water alone. The only waste they produce is pure water vapor, which doesn’t harm the environment in any way. This is the smart and clean wave of the future. Simple, healthier, and effective.

Unseen Forces

natural world gravity

There are many unseen forces in the natural world. The most powerful one is consciousness. Consciousness cannot be directly measured, however, the effects of it can be verified.

For example, if you say that you have an idea, you can’t exactly prove where the idea came from, but you can prove that your idea is real by creating or building something in the physical world that represents the concept. Every computer, law, skyscraper, and homemade soup starts as an idea. The idea comes from consciousness as the root formless cause.

The study of consciousness is a hot trend in scientific research today. The human body has supermassive amounts of untapped electrical potential.

Natural World Unseen Forces Consciousness

One method of releasing and utilizing this potential is through the mastery of consciousness.

Scientists are working hard to study consciousness in order to better understand the quantum mechanics and practical application of it in the physical natural world. There are many studies out there that verify the existence of this powerful and unseen natural force.

Yogis have known about the powerful force of consciousness for thousands of years. One of the fastest ways to experience and tap directly into this consciousness is through the scientific method of Kriya Yoga. In order to properly experience the effects, it must be given by a living Kriya master, in person, and practiced on a daily basis in order to reap the benefits.

Gravity is another unseen force in the natural world that’s very powerful and necessary for life on Earth. No one can see it, yet most people believe in it. No one can see wifi, yet most people believe in it. No one can see consciousness, but most people still don’t know much about it. Hopefully, that will change in the very near future, to the accelerated benefit of humanity.

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