How to Live Closer to Nature – 28 Amazing Ways

How to live closer to nature

If city life is becoming less and less attractive, here’s how you can live closer to nature in a world saturated with technology and smog.

How to live closer to nature:

  1. Set the wallpaper on your phone and desktop to a natural scene.
  2. Spread high-oxygenating plants throughout your work and living spaces.
  3. Plant a garden outdoors.
  4. Grow an indoor herb garden for your kitchen.
  5. Replace your synthetic grooming products and cosmetics with natural versions.
  6. Try natural cleaning products.
  7. Shop at your local farmers market at least once per week.
  8. Eat fresh organic fruit instead of processed sugar sweets if your medical doctor approves.
  9. Follow the 4 seasons and adjust your lifestyle accordingly.
  10. Light candles every night.
  11. Watch more nature shows.
  12. Listen to recordings of the rain, ocean, forest, streams, or waterfalls instead of manmade music.
  13. Take a real bath every night with your favorite natural salts.
  14. Learn how to cook with whole fresh fruits and vegetables.
  15. Open the windows in your home and office to let fresh air in.
  16. Let your living space bathe in sunlight.
  17. Drink fresh water instead of soda and artificial beverages.
  18. Sleep on 100% linen sheets instead of synthetic fabrics.
  19. Use natural fragrances.
  20. Wear natural clothing instead of polyester or acetate.
  21. Plan your vacations in the middle of gorgeous natural scenery instead of a city.
  22. Sip tea.
  23. Frame and place an extra-large print of nature on your wall.
  24. Save a pet from your local animal shelter.
  25. Use an essential oil diffuser to fill the air with your favorite natural scents.
  26. Enjoy a big daily salad, if your medical doctor approves it.
  27. Meditate or pray first thing every morning.
  28. Move to the country.

There are many more details included below for each tip. Here’s the full list with some unique tips and recommendations:

1. Natural Wallpaper on Your Phone and Desktop

How many times a day do you look at your phone? What if every time you picked it up you saw a beautiful scene from nature, even for just a second?

A study suggested that looking at a picture of natural scenery can improve the recovery process after being stressed. 1

You can go into your phone’s settings and change the wallpaper to something natural. It’s best to avoid the presence of anything manmade in the photo.

If you have a laptop or desktop computer in your office, you can change the wallpaper settings there too.

There are tons of free natural wallpaper selections out there. Just pick the one that speaks to your soul and you’ll notice this small change goes a long way in day-to-day life.

2. High-Oxygenating Plants

One of the best ways to get closer to nature is to be around plants that produce oxygen and purify the air at the same time.

Filling your home and workspace with plants helps restore a lost connection with nature.

A clean air study performed by NASA examined a list of plants for oxygen-producing and air-purifying qualities. Some of the plants on this list include 2 :

  • Areca palm (non-toxic to cats and dogs 4)
  • Peace lily (toxic to cats and dogs 5)
  • Bamboo palm (non-toxic to cats and dogs 3)
  • Florist’s chrysanthemum (toxic to cats and dogs 6)

If you own cats or dogs, make sure to avoid the peace lily and chrysanthemum plants for their safety.

These plants can be ordered online if you don’t know where to get them.

3. Plant a Garden

For wired nerves and a mind running wild, it may help to get your hands in the soil and do some gardening. Some people feel calm, grounded, and more relaxed outside the house. It’s remarkable that feeling can come about naturally.

If you want to get closer to nature and have a little area of soil outside, you might be surprised what happens when you go out for just 10 minutes and get your hands dirty.

Besides that, you can plant your favorite vegetables and watch them grow. It’s much more satisfying to eat your own veggies anyway (you can use natural fertilizer to avoid synthetic chemicals in your garden).

There’s just something about standing on the earth and working with plants in the soil. It literally changes how I feel. There’s been some recent science that supports the benefits of grounding.

My father never had any kind of addiction to any substance throughout his life. I would like to attribute this in part to his love for gardening. He spent almost every day out in the garden, even when he got home from work.

Now I understand his attraction to it and see how it soothes the nerves, calms the mind, and places a gentle but grounding force throughout the entire body.

You can order your favorite seeds online. The best seeds to order are:

  • organic
  • non-GMO

4. Grow Herbs Indoors at Home

Most people have some kind of dried spice in the kitchen. But we all know that fresh herbs taste so much better. Master chefs always cook with fresh herbs.

Growing an indoor herb garden is an excellent way to live closer to nature. It’s easy to grow them right on the window sill of your kitchen where they can get sunlight.

Some people prefer to grow their herbs on the balcony for convenience. Growing them in the kitchen makes them quick and easy to grab when you’re in the middle of cooking.

Some herbs can be grown in water, from cuttings, in mason jars, or in pots year-round. They add fresh air and a lift of life into your home.

The most popular herbs to grow indoors are:

  • Basil
  • Parsley
  • Cilantro
  • Mint
  • Dill
  • Rosemary
  • Chives

If you don’t know where to begin, just order some organic potting soil, pots that fit in your kitchen, and some seeds online.

The process of attending to the herbs and watching them grow helps bring you closer to nature each day. This simple practice goes a long way.

5. Use Natural Products

natural products bring you closer to nature

If you’ve been using synthetic soap, cosmetics, and grooming products, you’ll feel closer to nature if you replace them with natural versions.

Using natural soap is one of my favorite ways to connect with nature in the shower. I love using simple bars of soap scented with a good essential oil that smells like it’s straight from one of my favorite nature scenes.

  • These are my absolute favorite bars of natural soap (click for soap recommendation page on this website).

I threw out all of my old makeup that was full of irritating chemicals and made my face red and blotchy. Now I only use natural makeup (click for recommended natural makeup page on this website).

I also threw out all of my perfume. Instead, I only use natural toners on my skin. They smell amazing. After every shower, I spray real rose water all over my face and follow-up with shea butter. The rose water I use can be found on my natural toners page on this website.

The other day I was following the trail of a girl who was walking in front of me. I could smell her perfume from 50 feet away. It was just too much. A person’s scent shouldn’t enter a room before they do.

Subtle natural scents are becoming the wave of the future. No chemicals.

Pure culinary-grade rose water and orange blossom water are more alluring and refreshing than people realize. And they’re a fraction of the price of major perfumes.

Ask any man: most aren’t into strong artificial perfume.

Natural toners have a ton of skin benefits (and smell great). For more, here’s an article on this website called: “What is Natural Toner for the Face?“.

Here’s an article on this website that explains why natural products are better.

6. Try Natural Cleaning Products

Using natural cleaning products is a great way to live closer to nature. I love using all-natural essential oils in my cleaning products. They make my home smell amazing!

You can choose oil or a scent that reminds you of your favorite nature scene, or just go with the popular choice of lemon.

7. Shop at Your Farmers Market

Your local farmers market is one of the best ways to live closer to nature. You’ll get to surround yourself with all the fruits, flowers, and vegetables that are in season.

Not only will you support local farmers, but you’ll also get some of the best quality produce in the area. Chefs shop at farmers markets and prefer it to any regular grocery store out there.

Many farmers take pride in organic farming and tend to grow their products with greater care, attention, and love.

The fruits and vegetables from the farmers market add a dimension of life and vitality to your home. It’s great to place your produce in bowls and put them out for display in the kitchen, on the dining room table, and on the coffee table. It makes a gorgeous centerpiece that’s simple, natural, full of life, beautiful, and affordable. It’s a great conversation piece too.

8. Organic Fresh Fruit

I’ve lost weight (in a good way) from ditching white sugar. Now I eat organic fresh fruit and also add it to a morning smoothie in the blender.

I feel so much better as a result of doing this. I also noticed that my face stopped looking so puffy and inflamed. My skin improved.

For dietary safety, always ask your medical doctor if it’s okay for you to eat fresh organic fruit instead of processed sweets and sugar.

Fresh fruit is so much healthier than processed white sugar, in my opinion.

9. Follow the 4 Seasons

Following the 4 seasons helps us live closer to nature.

Spring – This is the ancient original start to the new year. It’s a great time to do spring-cleaning, plant herbs & flowers, and set new intentions for the future. It’s nice to put fresh linen sheets on your bed. Delicate greens and light teas are a wonderful complement to the season.

Summer – This is the best time of year to work in the garden and reap the many benefits of grounding out in nature. I love using natural fertilizer on my plants. Summer is a wonderful time to soak up some sun, travel, and have some fun. Cold watermelon and icy drinks pair well with the season.

Fall – The fall season is a perfect opportunity to wash and pull out your warm blankets, throws, and comfortable bedding. It’s a great time to light scented candles and watch the changing colors of leaves outdoors. Warm stews, spiced cider, and cozy hot drinks are perfect for this time of year.

Winter – This is the most snuggly and homiest time of year to shut down the chaos of life and curl up in your favorite blanket in front of the fire with a delicious drink. Candles, flannel sheets, and hot baths are all part of the joys that winter brings. Root vegetables, hot soups, and pine are all comforting treasures of the season.

10. Light Candles

Lighting candles each night is one of the best ways to connect with nature’s element of fire. It’s one of the most inspiring and ancient natural forces on the planet.

Turning off the lights and turning on a natural flame does wonders for the ambiance of a room. It creates a warm glow that’s cozy and soothing.

Lighting candles connects you to the raw elemental flame of fire and disconnects you from the electromagnetic fields of artificial lighting. Many people can feel the difference when the lights are off.

11. Watch More Nature Shows

When we get home from work, the easiest thing to do is to crash on the couch and turn on the TV.

Instead of watching your regular show, what if you turned on a nature show? It’s a great way to live closer to nature and visually connect with scenes of the natural world.

Some nature shows feature inspiring natural phenomena that can instantly transport you off your couch and launch you into the natural world.

12. Listen to Nature Recordings

Listening to recordings of pure rain, the ocean, waterfalls, a crackling fire, crickets in a forest, or whatever floats your boat, is a great way to live closer to nature.

Instead of putting on the news or your favorite podcast, try listening to the raw sounds of nature.

Here’s a great video that plays rain on a tent with a cozy fire crackling outside. I love playing this video to fall asleep:

13. Take a Soothing Hot Bath

Water is one of the most abundant elements that covers the majority of our planet. Immersing yourself in it can help you live closer to nature.

It’s relaxing to light your favorite candle and add some natural salts to your bath. The best salts are scented with essential oils from your favorite scene in nature.

Going into the bathroom, shutting the door, hearing the sound of pouring water, and taking some time to unwind can be one of the best ways to get closer to nature in a chaotic world of technology, schedules, and stress.

14. Cook with Whole Fruits & Vegetables

Handling fresh fruits and vegetables is a great way to live closer to nature. Spending time with the edible abundance from the plant kingdom tunes us closer to Earth’s natural expression.

Whole fruits and vegetables carry the force of life that gives fuel to our bodies. Without plants on Earth, we would die.

If you don’t know how to cook, take some culinary classes and learn how to prepare fruit & veggies properly. The mastery of knife skills gives you unlimited freedom with slicing, dicing, chopping, and cutting your favorite fruits and veggies (only learn knife skills under the close supervision of a culinary professional).

Eating whole fruits and vegetables is much more rewarding compared to processed, canned, or frozen versions. It’s a great way to live closer to nature.

Steaming vegetables is one of the best ways to preserve the purity and wholesomeness of your produce. There are a million recipes you can find online for free.

Don’t cook your food to death. Keep it simple.

15. Let Fresh Air in the Room

One of the best ways to live closer to nature is to open the windows in your office or home and let the fresh air float in. Air is one of the most abundant and purest forms of simple nature available.

Just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not a vital part of nature.

Breathing in fresh air is energizing, revitalizing, and calming. Always make sure to check your local air quality index before opening the windows. Only open them if the quality is within a healthy and safe range. If not, buy a good air purifier to make sure the air you’re breathing is clean and safe.

16. Let Sunlight Flood the Room

Letting natural light flood your space is a great way to live closer to nature. It brightens the room, energizes the area, and helps lift a gloomy mood.

Back in war days, it was common practice to put soldiers out in the sunlight to help their wounds heal faster. Tuberculosis patients were also exposed to sunlight as part of their therapy.

The Sun has natural antibacterial properties and can help sanitize certain surfaces.

  • A scientific article suggested that sunlight through windows may kill dust bacteria in a way similar to ultraviolet light. 7

17. Fresh Water

Water is the most natural beverage in the world. Drinking fresh clean water helps us live closer to nature in a fundamental way.

Artificial drinks are manmade and fill our bodies with chemicals that aren’t found in nature. Eating and drinking processed ingredients places us one large step away from the natural world.

Instead of soda or an artificial drink, try a tall glass of clear water and gain more resonance with nature.

18. Sleep on 100% Organic Linen Sheets

What is natural linen?

Linen doesn’t collect static electricity like many synthetic fabrics. Many people don’t know what they’re missing if they haven’t tried linen sheets.

Linen is an all-natural fabric that comes from the flax plant. It’s one of the most ancient textiles that’s been used throughout history. Here’s a detailed article all about linen.

Sleeping on pure linen is an excellent way to get closer to nature for hours on end.

19. Use Natural Fragrances

What is Natural Toner for the Face?

If you want to live closer to nature, try using natural fragrances instead of artificial ones.

I love the fresh smell of culinary-grade rose water and orange blossom water. After every shower, I spray my face and body for a refreshing scent that’s subtle and natural.

Instead of artificial perfumes, I use natural toners on my skin. I LOVE them!

To see the brands of rose water and orange blossom water I buy, click here for my natural toner page on this website.

20. Wear Natural Clothing

What is Natural Fibre Clothing?

Instead of synthetic fabrics like polyester or acetate, try wearing natural clothing to bring you closer to nature.

Linen doesn’t have static electricity like synthetic fabrics. Organic cotton is becoming very popular these days.

Many people feel lighter and more comfortable when they wear natural fibers that breathe. Here’s a great article about what natural clothing is on this website.

21. Go on a Vacation in Nature

If you can’t live in nature right now, the next best thing is to go on a vacation that sits right in the middle of breathtaking scenery.

If you prefer comfort, you can book a fancy spa hotel in the middle of snow-capped alps. Or if you like to rough it, you can pack a tent and set up camp in a beautiful natural location by a refreshing river.

Instead of booking a vacation in the city, why not book it in the country? This is a great way to live closer to nature in your free time.

22. Daily Tea

One way I get closer to nature is by sipping on something natural instead of the usual artificial corporate beverage.

Make sure to ask your doctor before trying any herbal tea because some herbs have medicinal properties or could interact with certain medications.

I love to drink organic green tea when I need energy. At night, chamomile is my go-to. Sometimes I’ll sip on hibiscus tea and chill it over ice in the summer. There are zillions of teas to choose from out there.

This is just my opinion, but I think that organic tea is better than conventional coffee. Coffee is one of the crops that gets sprayed with the most pesticides. If you must drink coffee, only buy organic.

23. Put Natural Art on the Wall

When you’re home or at the office, a great way to live closer to nature is to frame and place an extra-large print of nature on your wall.

Every time you walk past the picture, you’ll be pulled into the vortex of the natural world by virtue of sight.

The larger the picture, the better. Some people cover their walls entirely from top-to-bottom with scenes from nature. Bonus points for digital screens.

24. Rescue an Animal

One of the sweetest ways to live closer to nature is to adopt a pet from your local animal shelter. Animals operate off of instincts and will never talk back when you’re having a bad day.

Pets bring joy and positive vibes into the home. They’re a great way to de-stress naturally.

Sometimes the nicest thing to come home to is a cuddly little kitten or puppy that has nothing but love to give.

25. Run a Diffuser with Essential Oils

The fresh scent of essential oils from your favorite botanical is a wonderful way to live closer to nature. Running a diffuser in your home can instantly change the mood in the air.

The sense of smell is one of the most powerful and effective ways to influence human emotion.

26. A Big Salad Daily

A big salad is a key element in a plant-based diet that draws me closer to nature on a daily basis.

A daily salad should only be consumed if approved safe and appropriate by a medical doctor and registered dietician.

Tasting, smelling, touching, and taking plants into my body with life still in them is one of the most practical ways to connect to the natural world.

I always rotate different vegetables in my salad from time to time. Eating the full rainbow spectrum in veggie colors is a great way to make sure I get a good variety of antioxidants and nutrients. Some days I’ll throw carrots in my salad. Other days a chopped red bell pepper. And sometimes I love cucumbers or purple cabbage.

The secret to a delicious salad is in the dressing. Add your favorite nuts and almond cheese. Fresh herbs take it to the next level.

Yogis say that eating live foods increases life force energy and vitality within the body. In the controversial ancient document, The Essene Gospel of Peace, Jesus gave insightful instructions to eat raw foods that are still alive.

27. Meditate or Pray

One of the most natural things for a human being to experience is a state of calm and peace. Unfortunately, the schedule-oriented artificial world has magnetized us into thinking we need to be busy every second.

Meditation or prayer first thing in the morning is one of the best ways to live closer to nature on a fundamental unseen level. It restores us to a state of balance that plants, lakes, and wildlife experience daily without stress outdoors.

When we smooth out our chaotic mental, emotional, and physical energy, we feel better. Meditation and prayer are great ways to experience more joy and less stress.

A meditative or prayerful practice is often best experienced in the morning before the day gets going. As the day goes on, our attention and energy get diverted elsewhere and the idea of stillness becomes a distant intention.

There are many different forms of meditation. Certain kinds fit certain people better than others. Find what’s right for you. For me, Kriya Yoga is the superior form of meditation.

28. Move to the Country

This one is the most obvious. But if none of the above tips make you feel any closer to nature, you might just want to pick up and move there. It’s a sure way to surround yourself with the bliss and peace that nature has to offer.

Carpe diem.


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