Does Natural Beauty Exist?

Does natural beauty exist?

Does natural beauty exist anymore? Many people think that natural beauty is just a manufactured concept in the beauty industry. Here are some super valid points that help prove natural beauty still exists and holds a powerful presence today.

Natural beauty still exists and is a powerful force that drives desire and reproduction since the beginning of humanity. It’s inherent in human nature to be attracted to raw beauty and cleanliness. The most beautiful things in nature are healthy things. Studies show babies prefer attractive faces.

Beauty is an intuitive and deep concept that most people don’t contemplate. You’ll find some intriguing points below that reveal what natural beauty is all about.

Scientific Evidence and Natural Beauty

Multiple studies showed that babies naturally preferred to look at attractive human faces as compared to less attractive faces. 1

Attractiveness and natural beauty go hand-in-hand.

In the study above, babies looked longer at faces that were more beautiful as compared to less beautiful faces.

What do babies know? If an untrained baby, ignorant of society’s beauty programming, prefers attractive faces over less attractive ones, does that show natural beauty still exists on a basic human level?

Perhaps natural beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but most people know it when they see it.

What is natural beauty?

What is natural beauty?

Natural beauty supports your inherent beauty.  It encourages natural hair color, healthy skin, inner beauty, natural makeup shades, and a body full of vitality.  Natural beauty means you embrace your inborn magnificence and work with what you have, instead of fighting it.

Natural beauty isn’t all about the outside. It’s obviously equally important to nurture natural beauty on the inside. It’s what’s on the inside that counts, right?

If you’d like to know exactly what natural beauty is, here’s a detailed article about just that, which covers everything from hair, beauty products, skin, cleanliness, vitality, and inner beauty (click to go to article on this website).

Natural beauty is supported by using natural beauty products. To see a page of my most favorite ones, click here to go to my natural beauty product page on this website.

Natural Beauty and Bleached Blonde Hair

Natural Beauty and Bleached Blonde Hair

By definition, natural beauty is, well, natural. So unfortunately, it’s not possible to pull off genuine natural beauty with bleached blonde hair. That’s only because bleached blonde hair isn’t a person’s original natural color.

That isn’t to say that hair can’t be colored in such a way that looks natural. That happens all the time in salons. So many stylists are able to lighten, color, and highlight hair in such a way that makes it look totally believable. But we still have to acknowledge that the process isn’t natural.

Natural-looking hair is ideally kept in its original color and not bleached out with lighteners.

For many people who bleach their hair blonde at home, the result often looks one-dimensional, blasted out, and definitely not natural. It’s easy to spot an at-home bleach job because the color often has a brassy-yellow tone and the quality of the hair looks dry, brittle, or frayed.

The secret to getting that natural blonde look at home is to use a proper toner that counteracts the fake brassy-yellow and neutralizes the color into something more natural. It also helps to weave in subtle lowlights of darker blondes and light browns in order to create dimension and contrast for a more convincing blonde.

Natural beauty and bleached blonde hair
Dimensional blondes look more natural.

Box blondes just don’t look natural. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s just that it looks like someone bleached their hair. Sometimes this effect looks awesome, raw, urban, and carelessly rebellious. To each their own.

But if you’re going for the natural look, proceed with great caution, especially if your hair is naturally dark.

If you want bleached blonde hair but still want a natural look, avoid bright lipstick at all costs. Red lipstick screams forced, fake, and factory-made. Wearing a neutral lip color and downplaying makeup in general tends to make the look more believable.

Bleached blonde hair is a lot of fun, but it’s a ton of work to keep up if you do it yourself. It also requires a huge time investment. If you get your hair lightened at the salon, you know how expensive it is!

Going natural saves time, energy, and money.

What does it mean to be naturally beautiful?

Being naturally beautiful supports beauty from both the inside and outside. Natural beauty holds elements of grace, strength, health, cleanliness, intelligence, and vitality.

When a person is naturally beautiful, they don’t need to put on unnecessary makeup, trending clothes, or wear forced hairstyles.

Being naturally beautiful is all about authenticity without trying too hard.

Here’s a list of things that make a person naturally beautiful:

  1. Hair is clean and falls naturally without too much fussing. It should be brushed and without frizz.
  2. Minimal products are used on hair and skin.
  3. A healthy body.
  4. A healthy mind. This means a good overall disposition without a negative outlook on life. Good mental health encourages positive thoughts and discourages fault-finding.
  5. A loving, kind demeanor.
  6. Wearing clothes that are comfortable instead of forced and restrictive.
  7. Wearing a natural authentic smile.
  8. Good hygiene. Having a clean face that’s not full of oil. Using good soap and not having bad odor. Here are some good natural soaps (click for soap page on this website).
  9. No stray hairs around eyebrows, upper lip, chin, toes, etc.
  10. A groomed appearance: includes cleaned-up eyebrows and no mustache.
  11. Clear, polished, naturally-exfoliated, glowing skin. If you have acne, it might help to find a good dermatologist to help determine the cause of acne.
  12. Clean, cut, and well-shaped fingernails and toenails. Hands and feet should be kept clean (no visible dirt under nails).
  13. Elbows and knees are smooth and without rough spots.
  14. Feet are soft and without calluses.
  15. A natural tendency to help and serve. Nurturing. Caring. Sensitive to the needs of others.

Being naturally beautiful is all about letting your inner soul shine through to the outside. A person’s outer appearance can be a direct reflection of their inner state. Often you’ll be able to tell how a person thinks by the way they present themselves through clothing, hair, makeup, and accessories.

Being naturally beautiful means you don’t need to define yourself with clothes, hair, and makeup. Natural beauty is about being your authentic self without the retail world telling you what to be. No labels. No definitions. Being you is enough. More than enough.

People today can see through the artificial faces we plaster on. It’s just not worth it anymore.

For some all natural beauty tips, click here to see the best natural beauty products I use and recommend (page on this website).

Natural Beauty and Your Skin

Good skin is one of the most important aspects of natural beauty. A person that’s naturally beautiful usually has soft, dewy, and clear skin.

Good skin comes from being healthy on the inside. Many people don’t know that what they eat can make a huge difference as to how their skin looks.

These things are bad for skin:

  • Smoking
  • Excessive sugar and high fructose corn syrup
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Stress
  • Too much exfoliation
  • Expired makeup
  • Not washing your makeup brushes regularly
  • Sleeping on a dirty pillowcase and sheets
  • Not washing your makeup off before bed
  • Not eating a healthy diet
  • Irritating chemicals in certain beauty products (read ingredients, do your research)
  • Not drinking enough water

It’s important to eat a healthy diet in order to give your skin a good foundation from which it can build and renew cells.

After washing your face, it’s helpful to apply a good toner that’s right for your skin type, if your dermatologist approves. Here are some good natural toners that I use and recommend (click for page on this website). Always ask your dermatologist before using a natural toner to make sure it’s appropriate for you.

After applying toner, it’s good to apply a moisturizer that’s right for your skin type. This helps to keep moisture locked-in and promotes a healthy dewy glow.

Dry skin is usually not considered naturally beautiful. Using a good natural moisturizer can sometimes fix that problem, but ask your dermatologist first. I use raw shea butter directly on my dry skin, even on my face. It works wonders for me. Here’s the brand of shea butter I buy (click for page on this website).

Natural Beauty and Hair

In order to honor natural beauty, it’s best to keep your hair a natural color. That means no rainbows or bleached-blonde jobs.

In an ideal situation, it’s better not to color your hair at all. Embrace the authentic beauty you were born with. People can usually tell the difference when a person colors their hair. Very often the color gets warped, forced, or one-dimensional.

When you don’t color your hair, the integrity of the hair shaft is preserved and your hair is much softer, smoother, and healthier as a rule in general. Untreated virgin hair is always healthier than chemically-processed hair.

Virgin hair looks much more natural. It’s a big part of embracing natural beauty.

Untreated, natural, and virgin hair color holds beautiful dimensional undertones that prism into various complementary shades naturally in the light. You can see a person’s true hair color when they go directly in the sun. Either it looks artificial, or virginly multi-faceted from gorgeous natural lowlights and highlights within the hair shaft itself and the multiple layers of hair.

Hair that is naturally beautiful is usually lighter on the top layer that sees the most sunlight (the crown). That’s because the sun naturally lightens hair that it directly hits. You’ll see that virgin hair is often darker in the under layers of the head. That’s because the underside layers don’t get as much exposure to light and the sun.

If you must color your hair, ask your stylist to give you a natural color that’s closest to your natural shade. It’s possible to weave in some subtle highlights, babylights, or lowlights in a color that’s similar to your natural shade for a gorgeous and believable effect.

Natural Beauty and Your Body

Having a strong healthy body is another important aspect of natural beauty. Most people would agree that a healthy lean body is attractive (compared to a sickly out-of-shape body).

Here are some ways to make your body look better:

(For informational purposes only; the below list is not medical, exercise, or health advice. Always ask your doctor before changing your diet or starting any kind of new activity):

  • Regular exercise as prescribed by your medical doctor
  • Eating a healthy diet that includes abundant fresh fruits and vegetables according to your dietician’s instructions
  • Getting 7-9 hours of quality sleep every night
  • Find ways to reduce stress in your life (stress increases cortisol, which can go to belly fat)
  • Drink adequate water each day to support hydration (ask your doctor what amount is right for you)
  • Learn and practice a deep breathing meditation daily as approved by your doctor (Kriya Yoga is a powerful example: initiation in-person by a Master of Kriya is required – note: Kriya Yoga can’t be given online or in a video.)
  • Practice deep stretches to all major joints in your body according to your doctor’s instructions and approval (Yin Yoga videos are free online)
  • Moisturize your skin with a natural moisturizer right for your skin type (as approved and recommended by your dermatologist)

According to ancient yogic teachings, a body full of prana (life force) increases energy, health, strength, and vitality.

How to increase prana in your body:

(For informational purposes only; the below list is not medical, exercise, or health advice. Always ask your doctor before changing your diet or starting any kind of new activity):

  1. Consumption of raw organic fruits and vegetables with vivid colors from the entire rainbow
  2. Deep breathing practices (pranayama)
  3. Kriya Yoga
  4. Exercise
  5. Direct ingestion of solar energy (must be learned from a specialist)

When a body is healthy through natural means, a person automatically radiates natural beauty. This is part of that mysterious glow that so many people want to achieve, but they’re not quite sure where it comes from or how to get it.

How to Get Natural Beauty

If you’d like to learn more about natural beauty and how to get it, here’s an article I wrote about it on this website. Or if you want to jump straight ahead to the natural beauty products page I recommend, click here to go to that page on this website.

Artificial Beauty

  • Unfortunately, artificial beauty has become the norm today. Many people take 30-60 minutes per day just to put on makeup that looks caked on and unnatural. Is there something better to do each day that takes 30 minutes? Something with longer-lasting results?
  • Plastic surgery is still very popular. I know 4 people who had surgical procedures done to look thinner, and they all gained the weight back. Now they struggle with post-surgical depression, strange regrowth patterns around the incisions, and flapping skin that serves no purpose.
  • Many people just don’t want to do the work. They don’t want to eat right and they don’t want to work out. How will putting a knife to your body give you long-lasting natural beauty?
  • Getting plastic surgery is not part of honoring natural beauty. Natural beauty encourages eating right and exercising over surgical correction.
  • Life without structure and discipline is a train wreck waiting to happen.

Are natural beauty products better for you?

I definitely prefer to use natural products as much as possible. To see an article I wrote about natural beauty products and why they’re better, here’s a link for that page on this website.

Natural Beauty Across All Cultures

As the world is waking up and people are simplifying their lives to include only that which is helpful and necessary, all cultures are embracing the concept of natural beauty and going back to their roots.

The natural beauty market around the world today is exploding with products that most people can find in their kitchen.

Natural beauty unifies all cultures with one important truth: that humanity itself is naturally beautiful. This includes all races, genders, and cultures.

A rainbow is beautiful because it’s made up of many different colors.

Chemicals and questionable toxins are being flushed down the drain and going out of style.

Many people are globally realizing that we don’t need much to be beautiful. Less is more. The more we realize how beautiful we are when we’re clean and healthy, the faster we’ll all radiate natural beauty as a race.

Natural Beauty and Sleep

One of the most important things for natural beauty is to get enough sleep!

A study on PubMed by The Department of Medicine at the University of Chicago showed that sleep deprivation increases cortisol levels. 2

A scientific review written by Sami Ouanes and Julius Popp (link to PMC article) showed that high cortisol levels could cause problems with mental processes and may contribute to the Alzheimer’s disease process. 3

It’s important to make sure you’re getting enough sleep. It’s not realistic to expect to be naturally beautiful and sleep-deprived. The two just don’t go together.

When you don’t get enough sleep, you’re more likely to get dark circles under your eyes. Even puffy eyes. That violates the laws of natural beauty.

An exhausted person isn’t radiating beauty, let’s face it.

Natural beauty increases when people get enough sleep. Period.

How can I look better without makeup?

How can I look beautiful and attractive naturally?

In order to look better without makeup, it helps to:

  • Incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables into your daily diet as approved by your doctor
  • Get enough sleep
  • Drink enough water
  • Get regular exercise according to your doctor’s advice
  • Reduce stress in your life
  • Meditate each morning
  • Be kind to others instead of critical: it makes a person more beautiful

Here’s an article I wrote as to what natural beauty is all about (on this website).

Why is natural beauty important?

Natural beauty is important because it embraces our original roots of who we are at a fundamental level. It helps us realize we are beautiful the way we are and that hours of wasted energy on mindless beauty routines can be put to better use.

Natural beauty is the wave of the future in the new world we’re living in today. People want to simplify their lives, clean up, and spend less money. Natural products support this kind of lifestyle.

Less is more.

The clean beauty movement promotes the use of natural beauty products (click for my page of favorite natural beauty products on this website). When people use natural products that can both be eaten and used on the body, they’re less likely to experience bad side effects like those that can come from synthetic chemicals in some drugstore products.

Cleaner is better.

Natural Beauty and Water

We know that natural beauty still exists when we see a person with beautiful, dewy, and well-hydrated skin.

Naturally moisturized skin is a result of drinking enough water.

If you are dehydrated, your skin is likely going to be drier and look duller.

If you want to increase your natural beauty, drink more water. Not sodas. Not drinks with high fructose corn syrup. Water.

Most of the human body is made up of water. If we don’t recirculate that water by continuously replacing the old water in our system, we end up like a dirty bio-bag of pond water that gets murkier and smellier the longer we go without water.

  • Drinking fresh water cleans out our body and helps push toxins and impurities out of the system. This process promotes natural beauty. The more we drink the amount of water we’re supposed to, the more natural beauty we achieve.

Dry, parched, and pasty skin isn’t what we call “natural beauty”. More like natural lizard.

We’re also more likely to get cracks and wrinkles in our skin if it isn’t properly hydrated. So that means drink up. Or say hello to the lizard.

Natural Beauty and Eyes

If you want to go for that natural beauty look and don’t know exactly what to do with your eyes, it’s important to go for minimalism and simplicity.

When we cake on tons of concealer, thick-winged eyeliner, and chunky shadow, it all starts to look like a pastry project, not a human face.

Here are some natural eye beauty tips:

  1. Apply an all-natural moisturizer or natural oil that’s safe for the eye area: don’t use chemicals or artificial-ingredient eye creams (ask your dermatologist what kind is right for you).
  2. Get enough sleep 7 days a week.
  3. Wear natural makeup ingredients in your products.
  4. Don’t draw harsh thick eyeliner. Avoid wings. If you must, lightly draw a soft line with a neutral eyeshadow.
  5. Avoid colors that aren’t neutral. No vivid bright colors. Stay with earthy shades.
  6. Keep mascara to a minimum. Only brush on enough to give color and separation to the lashes. Don’t clump it on. Choose a neutral shade that complements your eye color.
  7. Don’t put liner on the inside lower lid. It looks too harsh for a natural look.

Natural Beauty and Social Construct

Is natural beauty just a social construct? Or is it a real thing? Some people think that natural beauty only exists because there are a lot of natural beauty products on the market today. And they’re getting extremely popular.

Just because something is popular doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not based on an authentic natural phenomenon.

What if natural beauty is popular because people are finally waking up and realizing just how beautiful the natural human state truly is?

Or what if people are just marketing the concept of “natural beauty” in order to sell more organic and plant-based products?

If we look at the root of this problem, a universal answer slowly appears.

So which came first, the chicken or the egg? Which came first, natural beauty or natural beauty products?

This is obvious. We also know that the concept of beauty has been a “thing” in ancient manuscripts throughout history since the beginning of humanity.

Cleopatra of Egypt is famous for her beauty tips and secrets. Beauty has been embedded in every culture throughout the world for ages and ages. Natural beauty has always existed and has served an important role that helped our species attract the opposite sex for reproduction throughout history.

Natural beauty ensures the survival of our species.

Natural beauty has existed for thousands of years. It would be vain to say that it was just a fad, trend, or marketing scam.

Back in ancient times, they didn’t have synthetic, electronic, or surgical beauty treatments like we have today. Their entire premise was based on natural beauty due to the fact that they only had natural products available.

Natural beauty isn’t a social construct because it’s been here with us all along. The problem has been with technological development over the last century that’s led to a recent flood of exciting synthetic beauty products and treatments that are anything but natural.

Technology isn’t the enemy, but it’s drowned out our natural roots in recent times.

We’re accustomed to synthetic, factory, and technology-based beauty products because as a species, it’s a very new and exciting time in the history of consumerism. The fancy glossy products we have today are nothing like what they were over the past thousand years.

Our ancestors were used to natural beauty as a rule of thumb. It’s hard for our generation to imagine natural beauty as the norm because we were born into this age of plastic, chemicals, and advanced technology. Our norm is pretty much synthetic. Which is understandable, considering the era we were born into.

But something in our genetic code is waking up and yearning for the old ways of our generational past. This subconscious longing resonates with the simple and ancestral natural beauty approach.

This isn’t to say we need to rub honey all over our faces each morning just because they did that in the distant past. But what we can do is integrate that which was effective, healthy, beneficial, and clean into our product manufacturing practices today.

If we replace toxic products and practices with healthy whole alternatives, we reduce harm and waste to both humans and the environment.

Natural beauty is a social construct because of the underlying truth that people are now aware of environmental pollution and how synthetic products affect the human body.

These concerns are gaining momentum because of social media and the internet. We can share information faster and better now. As a result, it’s easier to understand how our choices affect others, our health, and our surroundings.

Nature has existed for a very long time. Along with nature goes natural beauty. Nature will stay much longer than the fleeting trends of fashion and fads.

The ocean today looks much like it did a thousand years ago. So does a rose. Natural beauty is a constant that stands the test of time.

The human face hasn’t changed much over the past thousand years. But we know all kinds of beauty fads have come and gone like the wind. What remains is raw natural beauty. This can’t be a social construct due to its ancient origin and unchanging presence.

Natural beauty is a constant force that the ever-changing human can play with like toys on a playground. One day we want yellow toys, another day we want polka-dotted toys. When it all comes down to it, they’re all just toys.

Natural beauty remains unchanged. The stability of its presence serves as the foundation from which we can create art, fads, and fun-loving trends.

If people slowly evolved into a very ugly species over time, natural beauty would lose its charm and not be such a rage on the market today.

But we know that humanity is still such a beautiful biological piece of art. This is because of its natural inherent beauty. Look at bodybuilders and ancient stone sculptures with well-defined deltoids, abs, and quads. The vessel itself is beautiful when we are conscious and take good care of it.

What might be shocking to many is that we are naturally beautiful without doing anything at all. Our natural state is a piece of art when we step back and look at the design of the vehicle we’re inhabiting.

I honestly think that a person looks their best when they step fresh out of the shower without adding all kinds of chemicals and unnecessary “stuff” to their body. We don’t need to do anything. The human body is beautiful and perfect as is.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t try to be beautiful. It’s great for our self-esteem and even serves as a creative outlet to fuss with our hair, nails, and skin. I must say that I genuinely enjoy the artistry of hair and makeup. But I most definitely prefer to use natural beauty products (click to see the products I use and recommend).

So it’s clear that natural beauty is not a social construct because of its sustenance throughout history. We’re just barely catching the new train of natural beauty products that’s only a reflection of who we truly are and where we’ve come from since the beginning of our species. The more we tap into nature, the more we tap into the core of ourselves.


By now, we can see how natural beauty still exists in all its glory today. The natural beauty movement supports this trend and is launching the industry to new standards that feature transparency, clean ingredients, simplicity, fair trade, effectiveness, and purity.

Many people want to know how to get a beautiful face naturally at home. Natural beauty is making a comeback in a big way.

The emergence and existence of natural beauty saves us time, energy, and promotes a cleaner world that’s based in truth and wellness for everyone involved.

Here are my favorite natural beauty products (click for page on this website).

Carpe diem.


1. Quinn PC, Kelly DJ, Lee K, Pascalis O, Slater AM. Preference for attractive faces in human infants extends beyond conspecifics.  Dev Sci. 2008; 11(1): 76-83. doi:10.1111/j.1467-7687.2007.00647.x [PMC free article]

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